Buddy was the dog that started it all for us, he is a World Qualifier and placed in many local events during our early years of competing.

Buddy was adopted through Midwest Border Collie Rescue and was the originator of our team. He came to us as a young and energetic dog at the age of 1.5 years. He was originally looked at for adoption as both a companion to another dog in the house as well as a pup to train tricks.

Matt was fascinated at the time with dog training and was actively searching for a border collie to train. When first meeting Buddy, Matt and his Belgium mixed breed Jessie, found Buddy after searching and meeting several other border collies in rescue. The day we were introduced to Buddy he was running happy and free with a large group of other rescue herding breed dogs. Buddy and Jessie, with no previous meeting found each other playing and enjoying each other company despite the dozen other dogs around willing to play. After thorough evaluation and the obvious compatibility, we were ready to bring Buddy home. It was at this time, his hidden talent was revealed. With Buddy separated from the other dogs, Matt was shown Buddy's amazing fetching and catching abilities, first with a tennis ball then with a fabric disc. This was the beginnings for our teams to come.

His first event was in late 2006 and was forced to retire early in 2010 due to vision deterioration. He lived to be 14 before passing due to cancer.

Competition Experience

Here is a little of Buddy's competition experience showing his Top finishes and Qualifiers

2016 Competition Season

Second Retirement

4th Place Indiana Quad (Non-dominant Hand Division)

2011 Competition Season


Ohio "Jam"uary Freestyle Champion

2008 Competition Season

3rd Place International Disc Dog Handlers Association (IDDHA) Canine Disc World Championships

2nd Place IDDHA Distance Championships

5th Place Indiana Quad & Longest Catch

2007 Competition Season

3rd Place US Disc Dog Nationals Super Pro International Finals

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Pro Nationals top 15 cut to International Finals

1st Place Indiana Quadruped & Longest Catch

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Pro Qualifier - Ohio USDDN Qualifier