Sunny is the 2020 Quadruped Series Champion and 10x World Qualifier

Sunny truly is a success story, just not a traditional one. He came from a show line breeder in Mississippi and was soon swept away to Florida where he was to begin life's journey with his new family. His family promised him a life filled with fun, adventure, and sports, unfortunately they were not able to keep that promise. At 5 months of age he was left in his families veterinary/boarding office where he stayed for a couple weeks before the original breeder was able to get him home. The family said he was not the dog they signed up for and that he was broken. He was then kept at the breeders home for several more months waiting for the right family to come along. In his first year of life he had little to no good experiences with the outside world aside from his fellow dog buddies and the breeder.

So a little over a year of age we came to know of Sunny and were willing to give him a shot. After evaluating him in Mississippi we knew there was a far more confident dog under the nervous shell. We decided to give Sunny a chance, and home he came, hopefully for the final time. We noticed Sunny had a nervous outlook on all of life and although ok with women, he was very nervous of men and would shy from pets on the head. he wouldn't come out of his kennel even to go to the bathroom, in fact, on the way home we had to remove his kennel from the vehicle and disassemble it to get him to go potty. 

Fast forward through time, using positive training methods and lots of love and praise he began to shine. First by performing in front of crowds, to then competing for world qualifying spots and finally to become a champion. Sunny has come a long way in his journey through life and despite abuse, neglect, and missing core learning years he began to shine bright once again.

2023 Competition Season

UFO World Cup Freestyle World Qualifier
- Michigan Dogbowl
- NY Clem Classic

Skyhoundz Open Qualifier
- Qualified Michigan Skyhoundz

2022 Competition Season

UFO World Cup Open Combined World Qualifier
- Michigan Dogbowl

2021 Competition Season

3rd Place Quadruped Series
- 1st Place Indiana Quad & Longest Catch
- 1st Place Kansas Land of Oz Quad
- 4th Place Ohio Quad

Worldwide Toss & Fetch Regional Championship
- 3rd Place Ohio

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Open
- Top 10

Skyhoundz Open Qualifier
- 4th Place Ohio Skyhoundz

2020 Competition Season

Quadruped Series Champion
- 1st Place St. Louis Quadruped & Longest Catch
- 1st Place Indiana Quadruped

2019 Competition Season

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Open Qualifier
- Michigan Motor City Championship

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Pro Qualifier
- 1st Place Michigan Motor City Championship

UpDIF World Qualifier
- 2nd Place Freestyle C. Ohio Chomp
- 3rd Place Freestyle P. Ohio Chomp

Skyhoundz Open Qualifier
- 3rd Place Ohio Skyhoundz

3rd Place Indiana Quadruped

2017 Competition Season

Ashley Whippet Invitational Toss & Catch Qualifier
- Michigan Dogbowl

2016 Competition Season

US Disc Dog Nationals Super Pro World Qualifier
- 1st Place New Hampshire USDDN

Ashley Whippet Invitational World Qualifier 
- 2nd Place New Hampshire AWI

Sunny's Freestyle
2019 Skyhoundz
World Championships